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The People's Email Network is supported solely by your good faith contributions and the sales of products specific to this site. It takes an enormous amount of data transfer bandwidth to co-ordinate the large numbers of messages our system handles. For product sales and cash contributions we are set up for all purposes through PayPal where you may already have an active account. If not, you can now use their service without joining. As our initial offering we give you our official website theme song.
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Yes, we even have our own song. The easiest way to do your part to keep this valuable resource going strong is to get a copy of our new CD music single. It was recorded in Los Angeles with some of the most creative musicians in the city at one of the top studios, and mixed and mastered by name engineers. Click on whichever button below is most convenient for you and we'll rush you out your own collector's copy.
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You can also make a standard donation to do your part to support The People's Email Network. And the best part is, when you make a donation (not tax deductable) of any amount now, we'll also send you a copy of our music CD single, "It's Up To Us Alone", the official song of our website.
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