Do you have to pay 25, 35% or over on your credit cards? How do you like outrageous late and overlimit fees? Did they jack up your rate to the maximum the first time you were a day overdue?

Our senators rejected every proposal to include limits prohibiting credit gouging in the pending act. In addition, they wouldn't act to do anything about the untouchable asset protection trusts the corporate elite use to shield THEIR portfolios, even what they may have stolen from your own pension fund by accounting fraud. What are you going to do about this? What MUST we do about this?

The Senate has refused to speak up for justice, however the bill still must pass in the house, where all members are up for election again in 2006. Please take a second to tell them that you will no longer remain quiet while they sell you out to special interest lobby groups. Just submit the web form below to immediately transmit your personal thoughts to all your members of Congress at one time.

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